Saturday, January 20, 2007

Papers on "business ethics" for sale?

Further to an earlier IPBiz post [ MBA students: the biggest cheaters?], IPBiz did a search on "scaffold plank incident" (of relevance to business ethics) and reached a site to download papers entitled "duenow." The description was as follows:

Business Ethics Analysis (873 Words)

Summary / Excerpt: The paper takes on a case called Scaffold Plank Incident, and takes two out of three approaches on Ethics to evaluate the case and reach a decision for Bob in the case. The book in reference is Organizational Theory, Design, and Change, Fourth Edition by Gareth R. Jones. The paper has been done in APA style of work. It has been revised for changes in some sentences


Southern New Hampshire University's Christos and Mary Papoutsy Distinguished Chair in Ethics will present a seminar on Feb. 6 about "What Every Business Leader Needs to Know About Intellectual Property, But Was Afraid to Ask."

IPBiz: perhaps has something on this?


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