Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Missing Philly's Channel 57

Missing Channel 57?

Channel 57 (WPSG) in Philadelphia has been off the air since Saturday, December 23.

The website notes:

The CW Philly, is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our antenna. Our engineers are working to correct the problem as soon as possible. We will update our website when more information is available. We apologize for any disruption.

Channel 57 does broadcast reruns of South Park and does not suggest putting pure nitrogen in your tires.

On Dec. 31, Philly Inquirer Columnist Michael Klein wrote:

By the time you read this, WPSG (Channel 57) expects to be back on the air. CW Philly's main antenna in Roxborough went on the fritz Dec. 23; satellite and cable subscribers were mainly unaffected. A standby antenna is being installed, says general manager Michael Colleran.

Although there is "some" signal at channel 57, it's basically not viewable (via antenna) up here in New Jersey in Jan. 07. Not to worry, only 8% of 57's audience access it via old-fashioned air-wave broadcast. Channel 57's "air wave" future may be extended to other channels. And perhaps Time magazine shares a similar fate.


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