Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lawsuits filed in the matter involving shooting of patent attorney McKenna

The Chicago Tribune notes the filing of law suits in the McKenna/Jackson matter, based on certain facts which were NOT reported at the time of the incident.

The Trib noted on Dec. 30: Security guards had turned disgruntled inventor Joe Jackson away from the front entrance of a West Loop high-rise before he found his way in through a loading dock and killed three people this month, victims' families alleged in three lawsuits filed Dec. 29.

Previous news accounts had NOT mentioned that shooter Jackson gained access to the attorneys by going through the loading dock, an approach not surprising for someone who was a truck driver. There had been some irregularities in the reporting about how a guard escorted Jackson to the 38th floor.

The Trib noted: Larry Rogers' law firm filed lawsuits in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of the families of attorneys Michael McKenna and Allen Hoover, both of whom were killed in the shooting, and legal assistant Ruth Zak Leib, who was shot in the foot and survived.

Named as defendants in the lawsuits are AlliedBarton Security Services, MB Real Estate Services, General Electric Asset Management Inc. and other alleged owners or operators of the building.

The Trib also noted the position of the guards:

A spokesman for the Citigroup Center said this month that the building's security guards were in a tough position because Jackson had a gun and they were not armed.

"What can you do?" spokesman David Hooks said. "Even if the guard had been armed, which he wasn't, a guy walks in like that, what are you supposed to do?"


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