Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jimmy Carter responds on plagiarized map charge

Newsweek has a response from Jimmy Carter on the plagiarized map issue:

The only source that I took anything from that I know about was my own book, which I wrote earlier—it's called "The Blood of Abraham" ... Somebody told me this morning [Stein] was complaining about the maps in the book. Well, the maps are derived from an atlas that was published in 2004 in Jerusalem and it was basically produced under the aegis of officials in Sweden. And the Swedish former prime minister is the one who told me this was the best atlas available about the Middle East.

IPBiz notes that a work derived from a copyrighted work can still represent copyright infringement. Plagiarism is of course a failure to attribute source.

The plagiarism charge has gotten little traction. In an op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Dec. 27, we have the text:

Intellectual honesty and academic freedom are the cornerstones of our educational system. It is regrettable that two Emory University professors (Kenneth Stein and Melvin Konner) have reacted in predictable and typical fashion by lashing out at Carter angrily and without substance.

By so doing they validate the concept that Israel and the Jewish community continue to choose their tragic and centuries-old alienation rather than deal in a conciliatory fashion. It is regrettable that Emory University and its many scholars have remained silent to the embarrassing actions of Konner and Stein.


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