Friday, December 15, 2006

The hostage taken by Jackson in McKenna shooting identified

An AP report on Dec. 12 identified the hostage taken by Joe Jackson in the shootings within the law office of Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer:

Morris J. Danzig was in a conference room Friday going over paperwork on a patent with his attorney, Michael R. McKenna, when his attorney was called out of the room. Within seconds, McKenna was shot and lay dying, and Danzig -- a Word War II veteran -- was at his side to try to stop the bleeding.

And before Danzig knew it, he was being held hostage.

"The shooting was quick. When I went to McKenna's aid, I heard at least three other shots. Very shortly thereafter, (the gunman) was behind me."


"I had a conversation with him -- a long one. He was going to shoot me, and I talked him out of it," Danzig said.

The AP report also talked about Scott Watson, an attorney at a different law firm:

Watson, a labor and employment attorney, said he spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about all the cases he has worked on.

"I just thought a lot about people who I have come into contact with in my 12 years of practicing law, and I thought about anyone who could turn out to be a Mr. Jackson," he said.

Separately, CBS2 reported:

On Wednesday [Dec. 13], McKenna, 58, was remembered as a kind and considerate man. Those who knew him said he lived his life well, and because of that, his family asked that his funeral not be a day of mourning.

Instead, they wanted it to be a day of celebration of his life and legacy.


"This day is according to the family's wishes, a day of celebration of a life well-lived by Michael and his friends and his family," said Thomas Kinsella, a friend of McKenna's.

"I know Michael was a very honorable man," Kinsella added. "He was a very intelligent man; very fair. He lived life well and fully."

Kinsella also said McKenna was a moral compass and spiritual companion for many who knew him. In honor of that, and McKenna's life, his church is reaching out to everyone touched by his tragedy, including the family of the gunman.

"We hope that people can just come together and look for some type of solution to keep the senseless violence from happening again to anybody," Kinsella said.

More than 300 people attended the funeral, including McKenna's wounded paralegal, Ruth Zak Leib. About 2,400 mourners attended the wake.

Mayor Richard M. Daley and his wife, Maggie, also attended the service.

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note McKenna McGovern Burkhart


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