Sunday, December 17, 2006

Does Zyprexa cause diabetes-related adverse events?

In another chapter in the legal issues concerning Lilly's Zyprexa, the New York Times has publicly disclosed documents provided to the newspaper by a lawyer for patients suing the drugmaker, which suggest that the company told sales representatives to minimize its own published data, which show that 30% of Zyprexa users gain 22 pounds or more after a year on the drug. A few gained 100 pounds or more.

In a statement published Dec. 17 on Lilly's website, Steven Paul, the company's executive vice president of science and technology, said the documents, which include e-mails, scientific reports and marketing materials, "do not accurately portray Lilly's conduct."

The FDA has said using atypical anti-psychotics — the class of drugs that includes Zyprexa — is associated with an increased risk of high blood sugar, but it has stopped short of saying they cause diabetes.

[through USAToday]

As pointed out earlier on IPBiz,

In the context of continuing medical education (CME), lecturing doctors can answer questions about off-label uses, although they cannot initiate discussion of off-label uses. Thus, in the past, if someone asked about using modafinil for ADHD, the lecturing doctor could respond.


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