Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chicago shooter was disgruntled (former) client of patent attorney upset about invention on truck toilet

The Chicago Tribune has confirmed the patent connection in the Chicago skyscraper shooting of December 8, 2006:

Sources said they believed the shooter was a disgruntled former client of the attorney he had asked to see. The attorney [Michael R. McKenna], who leased space in the offices of intellectual property law firm Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer, was one of the men slain, according to sources.

The AP stated that the killer was Joe Jackson, who was upset about the handling of an invention:

Joe Jackson, 59, told police before he was shot that he had been cheated over a toilet he had invented for use in trucks, Police Superintendent Phil Cline said Saturday.

The Trib also noted that a Wood, Phillips attorney [Allen J. Hoover] was among those killed:

The gunman also killed a Wood Phillips attorney and another employee of the firm, the sources said. Another person, a woman, was shot in the foot and was being treated at a Chicago hospital Friday.

The Trib gave some details of the targeted patent attorney:

Sources said the target of the attack was a 58-year-old lawyer who rented office space at Wood Phillips. He is the father of a Chicago police officer.

He had practiced law for three decades, concentrating in patent law for the last 17 years, and was himself an inventor, according to his law firm's Web site.

The attorney was also involved in dispute resolution.

According to Jeffrey Clark, a Wood Phillips partner, the victim's first wife died unexpectedly several years ago. He had three grown children from that marriage. The attorney remarried in recent years and had a young child, Clark said.

Clark said he often ate lunch with the attorney in a food court in the building. "He was a very thoughtful person," Clark said. "I never saw him unhappy."

The other attorney victim was described:

Sources said another victim was a 65-year-old Chicago partner in the firm of Wood Phillips, and an expert in the arcane legal field of intellectual property.

A resident of Wilmette, the man focused his legal skills on the issues of licensing, patents as well as patent infringement. The man was born in Chicago and received his law degree from DePaul Law School.

The Trib also noted how accounts of the story had changed through Dec. 8-9:

Late Friday, police said the man drew a gun and ordered a security guard to take him up to the law offices. Earlier, police had said he brought the weapon into the law office secreted inside a manila envelope.

Police said the gunman--wearing a denim jacket, gray denim pants and an overcoat--arrived just before 3:15 p.m. He was armed with a snub-nosed revolver, a knife and a short-handled sledgehammer.

IPBiz: was the sledgehammer related to a possible reprise of the brutal killing of a Stanford professor in the 1970's (the Streleski case)?

In passing, The Law Firm Of Michael R McKenna is located on the 38th floor at 500 W Madison St.

***CBS channel 2 identified the victims:

The victims have been identified as attorneys Michael R. McKenna and Allen J. Hoover, law firm employee Paul Goodson and McKenna's paralegal Ruth Zak Leib (Leib was shot in the foot and survived).


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