Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Trentonian on fraud at New Jersey UMDNJ

On Nov. 14, the Trentonian discussed the federal monitor's report released on Nov. 13:

The report by monitor Herbert J. Stern found the university made $5.7 million in illegal payments to physicians since 2002 in return for them referring their heart patients to UMDNJ. In return, the doctors were given no-show teaching jobs of $150,000 or more per year.

Stern also noted: The illegal activity persists to this day, despite the settlement of a lawsuit for $2.2 million paid to a whistleblower who claimed that he was fired for portesting the illegal scheme.

In response, Anna Farneski siad the university's counsel did fail to tell the monitor --as well as the UMDNJ management-- about the settlement.

The Trentonian had a separate story noting that the Legislative Comittee on Ethical Standards decided to have its attorney (Albert Porroni) gather evidence of Senator Wayne Bryant. Bryant was accused of bringing 4.7 million in funding to the UMDNJ in return for a no work job.

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