Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nov. 15: the day Schatten started to retreat from Hwang

English.chosun presented an article on stem cell work on Nov. 15, 2006, the one year anniversary of Schatten's migration from Hwang Woo-Suk.

The article did not mention any work in SCNT. The article did mention other work, including the following:

Novocell, a stem cell engineering company in California, announced on Oct. 18 that it has developed a process that efficiently converts human embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing pancreatic endocrine cells. The company said once animal tests confirm the safety and validity of its findings, it will apply for approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to start clinical tests to directly transplant such cells into diabetic patients at the end of 2008.

The article also discussed the Hwang trial, including the following:

Meanwhile, the sixth hearing of Hwang’s fraud case at the Seoul District Court on Monday drew crowds despite coming some five months since the trial started. The 190-seat court room was packed, with some having to stand in the isles or at the back. Hwang, charged with embezzling public and private research funds, answered questions from the prosecutor with characteristic fluency. He again denied falsifying data and reiterated his claim that he was “deceived” by junior researcher Kim Seon-jong. The prosecutor and Hwang engaged in a heated exchange at one point when the defendant interrupted the prosecutor, saying "Let me explain first" and the prosecutor shouted back, "You answer my question first.” Some in the courtroom gave Hwang a round of applause and hollered "Cheer up!" after the hearing.


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