Thursday, November 16, 2006

More science by public relations?

Recalling that the author of the "seafood collapse by 2048" article in Science termed the projection something that could act as a "news hook to get people's attention," one finds a similar strategy in the global warming biz:

The Nobel Prize-winning scientist who first made the proposal of deliberate injection of pollutants into the atmosphere is himself "not enthusiastic about it."

"It was meant to startle the policymakers," said Paul J. Crutzen, of Germany's Max Planck Institute for Chemistry. "If they don't take action much more strongly than they have in the past, then in the end we have to do experiments like this."

Previously, the Dutch climatologist, awarded a 1995 Nobel in chemistry for his work uncovering the threat to Earth's atmospheric ozone layer, suggested that balloons bearing heavy guns be used to carry sulfates high aloft and fire them into the stratosphere.

IPBiz notes: if you were ever worried about acid rain....


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