Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More bad indexing by Google?

Sunset for accuracy on Google?

A Google search on +"Vai Sikahema" +Rutgers +football on Nov. 1

produced a hit on - 45k citing to a post on IPBiz mentioning problems on a search:

+"Vai Sikahema" +Rutgers +football produced no hits for IPBiz. Among the IPBiz posts NOT FOUND by Google is that of August 26....

The post of August 26, among others, was NOT returned by Google. This is an example of an interesting phenomenon in which Google cites to a secondary source, but not the primary source. Of course, in this particular case, the primary source (the information on Vai Sikahema's Vai's View of August 2006 ("Rutgers is Wrong")) can't be found on Google at all.

The post below mentions 6 ways to get banned by Google. IPBiz does none of them, but still doesn't get indexed and becomes effectively banned.

Dale King, 6 Ways To Get Banned By Google

A search on Nov. 22 for "Vai Sikahema" Rutgers football STILL did not return the post of August 26.

A search for "scoop of the invention" on Nov. 22 produced:

#1. - 40k [posted on Nov. 15]

#4. - 16k [posted Nov. 13]

#5. - 25k -[posted Nov. 13]

#11. - 92k - [a generic reference to the IPBiz site]

No reference to [posted Nov. 13]
Once again, a failure to index by Google.

Incidentally, of the text "scoop of the invention," the LEXIS version of the Akeva case does correct to the scope of the invention.


Blogger Lawrence B. Ebert said...

Note the text in 314 Science 915: "Google has a reputation ... for being very negative to letting researchers in."

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