Friday, November 24, 2006

Jerusalem Post needs lesson in the metric system?

In a story "Largest manhunt in Israeli history for escaped rapist," the Jerusalem Post reported:

It was also unclear how Sela, at a height of 1.65 cm, was able to scale a 2.30 cm. high wall, topped with barbed wire, in a matter of seconds while he was handcuffed.

Elsewhere in the article:

It appears Sela planned his Friday escape from police custody ahead of time, and duped the police into taking him to a court hearing that never existed.

A Courts spokesperson said that according to an initial check, there was no planned hearing at the Tel Aviv Labor Court for Sela. The spokesperson added that the Court had closed all files regarding Sela a long time ago.

In addition to searching for Sela, Police were also looking into how he managed to convince the Prison's Service that he had a hearing in court, when the Labor Court does not even hear cases on Fridays.


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