Thursday, November 16, 2006

Harvard plagiarism spoof

from thespoof:

"In football terms, we have decided to drop back ten and punt," said President Lawrence Summers. "We have a lot of egotists here who feel they have the right to steal other people's words. What am I supposed to do - I'm not a dorm mother."

Under the new policy students and faculty who use the work of others without attribution will be referred to as "recyclers" and will not be subject to penalties.

"Recycling is a good thing," Summers said. "Once somebody's words are published they could end up blowing down the street, or clogging up a storm drain or messing up your yard. We want our students and scholars to make the world a cleaner, better place."

IPBiz notes that Summers is no longer the president of Harvard. Separately, it is not evident that Harvard faculty plagiarists were in fact subject to any penalties. Plagiarists on the Crimson did not fare well. Nor did accused student plagiarists at Ohio University.


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