Saturday, November 11, 2006

BlogMaverick on Blog Pimpin: not a big surprise

BlogMaverick notes of blogs: Its all about Big Pimpin for traffic baby. Welcome to trying to make a living in the Blog Game. It puts the rap game to shame.

In the Blogosphere, self promotion is out of control. Self Diggin , Slashdotting and Deliciousizing are pretty much par for the course, but more prevalent is the new habit of writing about whatever the top story is on the aggregation sites. If its at the top of Techmeme, there are a core of bloggers that you know are just going to write about the top ranking story. Why ? Because then your blog gets listed under the top of mind, top of page topic. Which leads to more traffic. Thats BlogPimpin.

The general comment: Has anyone noticed lately that more blogs posts are about other blogs, which are writing about whats being reported in other blogs than about something original from the author ?

IPBiz notes most traffic to blogs is through Google. Google does not evaluate the content, so people figure out quickly that Google doesn't rank based upon "something original from the author." Google does rank based upon citation. If bloggers form mutual backscratching societies, they will do better in PageRank than by writing original content.

Google does not even effectively index content. They do count citations though. It shouldn't be surprising that blogs write about other blogs.

Of self-promotion, the "no more seafood by 2048" article in Science was more about self-promotion and getting a news hook than about anything that is really going to happen in 2048. The SCNT articles (Hwang) in Science were as much about advocacy as they were of substantive science. Notice in the approximately one year since Hwang unraveled no one else has claimed to do what Hwang claimed in 2004 or in 2005.


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