Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Possible rule changes on continuing applications pushed into 2007?

Further to the proposed rule changes on continuing applications, PHOSITA noted the following:

Rob Clarke noted at the beginning of the meeting that the proposed rule changes regarding Continuations and Representative Claims are still being considered, that more comments were filed in response to these rules than ever before, and that if they do decide to go forward with the rule changes, they have to be submitted through a special rulemaking procedure because they are substantive rule changes. That internal administrative review will take at least 90 days, and the result may be a refusal to allow the rules to go forward. And after that, it will be at least another 30 days before the rules become final. Rob Clarke did state that he expects the IDS rules to come out before the continuation and representative claims rules.

See also 88 JPTOS 743 (Sept. 2006)


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