Sunday, September 10, 2006

Innogenetics prevails over Abbott; seeks injunction

In a suit filed in September 2005, Innogenetics has prevailed against Abbott, who now should pay Innogenetics 7 million dollars for infringement damages to date.

The damage award may be increased by up to a factor of three because the jury specifically determined Abbott's patent infringement was willful.

We will have another eBay v. MercExchange look because Innogenetics said it will seek an injunction against Abbott diagnostic products that infringe its patent.

Frank Morich was quoted about the case: "it says that being a large, global company does not entitle you to wilfully disregard intellectual property laws without consequence."

The patent is on a method of genotyping the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).

[Facts from Forbes through AFX.]


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