Tuesday, August 15, 2006

NJ AG Zulima V. Farber resigns on Aug. 15

PHL channel 10 carried the press conference with Corzine and Farber live.

Gov. Corzine spoke first. One could see that AG Farber was not a happy camper, stating that Corzine stole the headline of her resignation. Also, Farber said: “I am steadfast in my conviction that the findings do not compel my resignation, and no one has asked for it.”

The present accusations that Ms. Farber might have influenced officers when the police stopped her companion [Hamlet Goore]in late May in Fairview [Bergen County] had revived past criticism of her selection as AG earlier this year. At the time, her driving record — including 12 speeding tickets, 4 bench warrants and 3 license suspensions — was questioned, but Mr. Corzine dismissed such criticisms. Ms. Farber was taken to Fairview in her state car, driven by a state trooper. Farber acknowledged that Mr. Goore had told the police that his companion was coming to help remove some items from his van — and that his companion was the attorney general.

The investigation of Farber, led by a former state appeals court judge from Atlantic County, Richard J. Williams, found that although Ms. Farber broke no laws at the scene, her appearance there raised “serious ethical questions.” Judge Williams’s report cited three specific violations of the Department of Law and Public Safety’s code of ethics that prohibit officers and employees from accepting favors because of their position or appearing to influence others.

Not a great moment, and not handled well by Corzine, but in the scope of New Jersey politics...


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