Saturday, August 26, 2006

Medical malpractice in New Jersey

The MIIX Group, (MIIX) was until September 28, 2004, the parent company of a group of medical malpractice insurance and insurance-related subsidiaries. As a result of net losses reported in 2000 and 2001, the insurance subsidiaries ceased writing new or renewal business in all states by September 1, 2002. By December 31, 2003, all insurance policies written by MIIX had expired. Since ceasing to write new insurance policies in 2002, the Company's business has consisted principally of managing the runoff of existing claims, the Company's investment portfolio, and the operations of a New Jersey insurance company, MIIX Advantage Insurance Company of New Jersey, which was renamed MDAdvantage Insurance Company of New Jersey (MDAdvantage). Lawrenceville Re, Ltd. (Lawrenceville Re) is the sole remaining operating asset of the Company, and it has minimal activity. [from google/finance]

In 1993, Mr. Thomas B. Leyhane accepted the position as the first Staff Counsel for the MIIX Group of Insurance Companies concentrating on defense medical malpractice litigation. In November, 2002, Mr. Leyhane became Of Counsel to the firm of Lenox, Socey, Wilgus, Forntidoni, Brown, Giordano & Casey in Trenton, New Jersey.


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