Friday, August 04, 2006

Kodak to stop making cameras

from TimesOnline: Kodak is to stop making cameras, marking the end of an era for the manufacturing business started more than a century ago by George Eastman, the photography pioneer.

Kodak will outsource its remaining camera making businesses to Flextronics, a hi-tech designer and manufacturer, as Kodak continues to struggle in the digital arena.

The decision to offload its camera manufacturing arm is an historic shift for Kodak, whose founder started making cameras in 1887. A year later George Eastman mass produced the first easy-to-use camera for non-professionals, catapulting the company to the forefront of the photographic age.

But Kodak failed to keep up with the digital revolution in photography, sticking stubbornly to the dwindling market for film for far too long.


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