Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kean vs. Menendez on stem cell research

In an article about the US Senate race in New Jersey between Robert Menendez and Tom Kean Jr., Charles Babington noted:

A different nationally prominent issue -- embryonic stem cell research -- may prove more troublesome for Kean. Both candidates disagreed with Bush's veto of legislation to allow more federal research on such cell lines. Democrats, however, note that Kean voted three times as a state senator against bills to publicly fund embryonic stem cell research. Kean says he opposed the measures because they would have steered borrowed money to new buildings without voter approval.

The question of what New Jersey has done to fund stem cell research, while seemingly a simple one, is actually complicated. To date, no question involving the use of bonds to fund stem cell research has been on the NJ ballot. There were recently two bond proposals, one for buildings (3 different centers) and one for support for what was to be done in the buildings.

Various newspapers have suggested the New Jersey legislature has funded stem cell research. It is not clear that these reports are correct.


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