Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Culberson reads Science

Texas Congressman John Culberson is something of a geek. In his spare time he says he reads scientific journals, like Science and Nature, as well as popular science magazines.

A question: if he reads in Science that one can add new facts into a continuation patent application, and claim the earlier priority date [Science, July 28, 2006], does John Culberson factor that thinking into patent reform? Would such writing cause him to favor limitations on continuing applications, when perhaps more accurate writing might have a different result?

An interview discussed why he is vastly more supportive of nanotechnology than embryonic stem cell research, which the Texas medical center would like to do more of.

The article even talks about nanoshells. [Nanoshells are a new type of optically tunable nanoparticle composed of a dielectric (for example, silica) core coated with an ultra-thin metallic (for example, gold) layer. Gold Nanoshells possess physical properties similar to gold colloid, in particular a strong optical absorption due to the collective electronic response of the metal to light. ]


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