Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summaries of 12 published patent applications of Google

One can find summaries of 12 recently published Google patent applications at

One of these, on evaluation of a webpage:

US Patent Application 20060150076
Published July 6, 2006
Filed on December 30, 2004


Methods and apparatus are provided for evaluating the extent to which link text, representing a hypertext link on a web page, corresponds to a web page referenced by the link. In one embodiment, the link text may be compared to the title of a web page referenced by the link, such as by parsing the link text and page title into individual tokens and comparing the tokens. The extent to which the link text and the page title correspond may be expressed as a percentage of tokens which match. A graphical user interface (GUI) may be provided which presents a visual indication when a minimum percentage of tokens do not match.


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