Thursday, July 13, 2006

KBS fires Moon Hyong-ryeol over copyright theft issue in video about Schatten

Earlier in 2006, there was a ripple in the "Schatten stole Hwang's patents" area when Moon Hyong-ryeol created a video for KBS, and then released portions of said video without permission. Moon has now been fired.

One notes that Schatten's cip application in February 2006 explictly cites a paper of Hwang.

Korean TV station KBS has dismissed its producer Moon Hyong-ryeol, who supported disgraced cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk.

KBS Wednesday said the state-run broadcaster sacked Moon after the producer of its "In-Depth 60 Minutes" news magazine disobeyed the company's instructions and played video clips on Hwang online, when his company decided not to air them.

"Our personnel committee decided to dismiss Moon last Thursday and president Jung Yun-joo approved it Monday before notifying Moon on the day," said Yug Gyung-seob, head of KBS personnel team.

"There are many reasons for the measure but the biggest one is that he revealed the program copyrighted by KBS without obtaining permission," Yug said.

Moon created the disputed video footage, raising suspicions that Prof. Gerald Schatten at the University of Pittsburgh, once a close associate of Hwang, stole patents from Hwang.

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