Monday, July 10, 2006

INTA wants USPTO to disallow citations to Wikipedia and similar cites

On December 15, 2005, IPBiz presented discussion of a Nature study on the accuracy of Wikipedia and on the presence of certain citations to Wikipedia by courts. On June 23, 2006, INTA wrote a letter to the USPTO requesting that the USPTO prohibit the use and citation of Wikipedia and similar sites.

Within the letter of INTA: The Wikipedia content "appears to be electronic-only with no original or corresponding hard copy print version that would aid in corroboration of source, and no formal peer review of the submitted information takes place."

Of the problems with electronic format, recall that the USPTO itself has fiddled with numbers in the electonic version of its annual reports.

Of the peer review point, one recalls that both of Hwang Woo-Suk's papers in Science were peer-reviewed by experts in the field. And they were false. And then we have the Stanford Law Review proclaiming in 2005 Gary Boone the inventor of the integrated circuit. And we have the three papers by Quillen and Webster on patent grant rate.


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