Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wisconsin paper discusses Stanford's Clark Center

On June 5, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discussed Stanford's James H. Clark Center as a model for UW's Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

Since the Clark Center opened in 2003, it has won several large
National Institutes of Health grants. The NIH has awarded $20 million over the
next five years to a team of researchers at the Clark Center and selected it as a
nano-cancer center, which will develop tools and methods to evaluate
the effectiveness of cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation.

The Clark Center became home to another NIH center, Simbios, which
will provide $19.9 million over five years. The program is designed to bring
physicists and biologists together to develop a simulation toolkit that
will enable researchers to model biological systems.

IPBiz: now, if WARF and CIRM can cut a deal on stem cell patents ...


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