Saturday, June 24, 2006

Teva wins 180 day period of exclusivity on Zocor

Merck's Zocor went off patent on Friday, June 23. Teva said it had been granted 180 days of market exclusivity. Under federal law, the first generic company to file a patent challenge against the brand-name maker can win 180 days as the sole generic marketer of a drug.

The bulk of a generic company's profit on a product comes during the 180-day exclusivity period because the lack of competition means it doesn't have to slash prices deeply.


On Wednesday, June 21 the Wall Street Journal confirmed that health care insurer UnitedHealth Group will move Zocor to a reimbursement tier making it cheaper than Teva's generic version of the drug after negotiating lower prices with Merck.

On Tuesday, June 20 Sen. Charles Schumer accused Merck of conspiring with health insurance companies to undercut Teva's generic version of Zocor days before the patent expires.

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