Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sacramento Bee editorial of June 2 on Proposition 71

In an editorial about SB 401, the Sacramento Bee wrote on June 2, 2006:

When [Robert] Klein shepherded Proposition 71 onto the ballot,
he bypassed the Legislature. He now oversees an agency that is
unaccountable and sidetracked by lawsuits and controversy. Had he been more patient and more willing to work with the Legislature, he might have launched a stem
cell program that -- during a period of flush budgets -- would already be dishing
out research grants.

It is too late to turn back the clock, but [Robert] Klein and his oversight
committee can, and should, take steps this summer to ward off a legislative
battle. The institute just finished taking public comment on rules for conflict of
interest procedures. Several public interest groups want the institute to
require grant advisers to publicly disclose their financial holdings.

When it meets today [June 2, 2006] in La Jolla, the oversight committee should
begin discussing such a change.


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