Saturday, June 10, 2006

Patent on "Sully Direct Current" granted by USPTO?

from zpenergy: What would happen if you have a polarity reversal within the (+) positive and (-) negative electrode without swapping the polarity of the supply voltage. The result is a new electrical current called Sully Direct Current or (SDC)™ named after its inventor John T. Sullivan.

Sully Direct Current (SDC) ™ is described as electrical current that flows for an interval of time in one direction and then in the opposite direction; that is, two or more current paths flowing in alternately reversed directions within a constant (+) Anode and (-)Cathode circuit. The plus (+) and minus (-) supply polarities of electrodes remain constant same as a (DC) battery, the polarities within the electrodes of the circuit are reversing causing an alternating reversing multi-directional currents. Alternating Current (AC) and (SDC) ™ both have current reversal, (AC) changes (+) anode and (-) cathode supply polarity when it changes current direction (SDC) ™ changes current direction without swapping the (+) anode and (-) cathode supply lines. Sully Direct Current (SDC)™ can reverse currents at full voltage or zero volts to produce tuned counter EMF forces and magnetic field reversals.

Hmmm, what does Bob Park of WN say about this? See US Patent 7,041,203.


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