Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Patent application on password-protected guns and ammo?

Herbert Meyerle, a German who now lives in the US, has applied for a patent designed to secure ammunition as well as guns with passwords.

Published application 20060117632 (US app 10/537978 claiming priority of PCT/EP03/10180) is entitled "Safety device and method for weapons and cartridges" and has a first claim which recites:

An apparatus for the firing of a cartridge for firearms, wherein the apparatus is arranged within the cartridge, having an interface for communicating with an apparatus which is arranged out of the cartridge, a control means and a security means which can be released by a signal transmitted from the control means.

Claim 27 states:

Munitions for firearms, characterized in that the munitions comprise a securing device which can be released by transmitting of predetermined data.


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