Sunday, June 18, 2006

More on Harvard effort in embryonic stem cells

An article in the Republican includes the text: Harvard's involvement provides a vital boost to a field that has been marred by scandal - notably when Korean scientist Hwang Woo Suk's claim that he had cloned the first human embryonic stem cells was proven fraudulent.

Although a recent report by SNU did conclude that Hwang's assertion of SCNT human cloning (the 2004 paper in Science) was false, the Newcastle claim of SCNT human cloning has not been retracted. The Newcastle group did NOT create a stem cell line from the cloned blastocyst.

The Republican also noted:

Harvard scientists have already laid some important groundwork by obtaining building and laboratory space and securing necessary approvals. The project, which involves two teams of scientists - one from Harvard University's main campus and the other at Children's Hospital Boston - has already begun some experiments.

While the research is unlikely to turn up treatments or cures for at least a decade, embryonic stem-cell work holds the greatest promise of unraveling the causes and unlocking cures for diseases that continue to stump scientists.


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