Saturday, June 17, 2006

Comments on intellectual property blogs

An article in Intellectual Property Today in May 2006 ("Article Writing as a Credentialing Tool") contained some statements about intellectual property blogs which might be further contemplated:

1. "there are not a lot of IP related blogs out there"

Actually, there are a lot of IP related blogs on the internet. For example, I/P Updates provides links to 28 IP related blogs (not even including IPBiz). The Pierce Law IP News Blog lists even more IP related blogs (and includes IPBiz).

2. examples of "really good IP blogs"

theiplawblog (3 posts in month of May 06; On June 16, the most recent entry is for May 24)
patentprosecutionblog (On June 16, the most recent entry is for April 7)

[neither of which is given a link on Pierce Law blog]

3. blog "material is easily indexed by search engines"

In theory "yes," but in practice "no." For example, see previous IPBiz posts about my google searches on +"patent reform" +2795.


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