Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alaska, 2006 or Florida 1962?

The current discussion about Korean missiles reaching the western US reminds one of talk in Florida in 1962 about Cuban missiles.

Around Alaska's Fort Greely, which has nine of the interceptor rockets, folks weren't fretting either. Pete Hallgren, city manager of nearby Delta Junction, said he and other city officials met at the base this week to discuss a construction project and the missile issue never came up.

"Nobody seemed to show any concern about the flurry of press reports about North Korea," he said. "The talk around here is the potential for the hotel, power plant and clinic."

It's also business as usual in Nome, a western Alaska city of 3,500.
Bruce Klein, executive director of the Nome Community Center, acknowledged his neighbors can be somewhat insulated — and that's not always a bad thing.
"If we were thinking about all this stuff and everything that's out there, and of course the situation with the missiles in North Korea, I think we would all be on Prozac."


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