Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where's Waldo?

from tmcnet (Gene Retske):

It turns out that many of the almost 1000 patents that are issued every day are owned by lawyers.

Complicating the picture is a mid-1990s law that enables so-called “business methods” patents. It was this type of patent that Amazon successfully enforced against Barnes & Noble over “One Click” ordering of books and other products. Patents in 1789 had to be for actual hardware; in 2006 you can patent business methods, which are very close to simple ideas.

How many mistakes can you spot in the above?


Blogger Erin-Michael Gill said...

Patents are only published once a week. I mean really, do a little fact checking. Granted every day - think of the logistics of it all, it would be anarchy.

Good thing everything else is okay...

6:50 AM  
Blogger W4DSN said...

While the Patent Office only publishes patents once per week, the fact remains that the number of patents averages nearly one thousand every business day. (It was just short of 900 a day in 2005.)

Now, cave man, would you like the duck with mango salsa? ;-)

1:14 AM  

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