Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pertinent stuff in recent issues of Science

Fullerene nanotubes made the cover of the May 19, 2006 issue of Science. See 312 Science 1003 on carbon nanotubes as high flux membranes.

See 312 Science 982 on Science's take on peer to patent. "PTO wants top experts." The article discusses how prior art suggestions will be ranked a la Amazon. I have discussed elsewhere how "ranked" reviews of Tom Carhart's book on Custer and Lee at Gettysburg. If that is the model "peer to patent" seeks to emulate, we really don't need peer to patent.

312 Science 987 talks about the nine justices in eBay v MercExchange. Will Science be surprised when MercExchange gets its permanent injunction?

312 Science 987 also mentions that China's DSP chip was a hoax. There is text about serious falsification and deception in the work of Chen Jin.


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