Monday, May 22, 2006

Journal Science mentions Stojkovic/Murdoch work

In an article "Picking up the pieces after Hwang," the journal Science [312 Science 516 (28 April 2006)] mentions the Newcastle work of Miodrag Stojkovic and Alison Murdoch as being the remaining unchallenged paper asserting SCNT human cloning (now that both Hwang's papers are retracted.) The Newcastle workers did not create a cell line from the SCNT blastocyst.

The April paper quotes Ian Wilmut: "necessary to spend some time unlearning some things we thought we had learned from Hwang's research."

Lorenz Studer, who had received a Hwang "cell line," hopes research groups will behave like informal collaborators rather than rivals. Well, if the Schatten/Hwang patent application saga is any guide, IPBiz wouldn't bet on that happening.

In an earlier article in Science [312 Science 366 (21 April 2006)] entitled "Ethics Issues in Stem Cell Research," the ISCF had noted that conditions for egg donation for IVF should be distinguished from conditions for egg donation for research. This is counter to the thinking of some American researchers.


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