Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blogging may be personal, but PageRank is not

BlogMaverick writes: That is really what blogging vs traditional media in 2006 has come down to. Bloggers drive blogs, share price drives traditional media. Blogging is personal, traditional media is corporate. Which is exactly why blog readership is going up, while traditional media is consolidating, if not contracting.

BlogMaverick also writes: The next Im op-ed, punching or counter punching someone in traditional media, just to see if they can take a punch as well as they can throw one. its all up to me and its fun.My blog is just that. Mine.

IPBiz writes: Yes, but there's just one New York Times and one Los Angeles Times, with lots of people (still) reading them and knowing where to find them. There are zillions of blogs and zillions of people on the internet, but how to solve this many-body problem of connecting content-provider to content-seeker? In the world of the internet, power is wielded not by the author, or by the publisher, but by the master librarian (Google) through PageRank. And PageRank is not so much an evaluator of content as it is an evaluator of citation index. One can write good stuff, but an outsider won't ever find it if one is on page 50 of a Google search.


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