Thursday, April 13, 2006

The fate of the whistleblower in the Hwang matter

If anyone has further information on the fate of the Korean whistleblower(s), I would be interested to hear. From Barbara Deming in the Los Angeles Times:

Deep Throat was a South Korean doctor in his early 30s known as "Mr.
K." Last summer, he sent an e-mail to an investigative television program
complaining that his former boss had fabricated groundbreaking results of human
embryonic cloning. After some negotiations, he arranged to meet with the show's
producer after working hours at the doctor's hospital. They found an empty
office, locked the door behind them, and lowered their voices.

The outcome was anything but a whisper. The ensuing scandal has
resounded around the world and may go down as one of the greatest science hoaxes
of all time. Mr. K's former boss, acclaimed scientist Hwang Woo Suk, is in
disgrace and has been fired by Seoul National University. South Korea's presidential
advisor on science has resigned, and a massive criminal investigation is

But life has not been so grand for those who broke the story,

Instead of plaudits for his courage, Mr. K had to resign from the
hospital. He is unemployed.


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