Friday, March 17, 2006

RIM aggressive after NTP settlement

RIM is focusing on "prosumer" features, including instant messaging, voice over IP, and new E-commerce options.

RIM plans to maintain its solid business customer base by
offering technologies IT and telecom managers won't find from a
consumer-oriented vendor. Last week it acquired VoIP provider Ascendent Systems, and plans to use the company's technologies to turn the BlackBerry into a full-fledged business phone, capable of picking up calls that come into a user's desktop phone extension, checking desktop phone voice mail, transferring calls, and
ad hoc teleconferencing. RIM also announced it now supports Cisco Systems'
VoIP PBX, Unified CallManager 5.0, allowing CallManager to extend those same
kinds of VoIP features to users of BlackBerrys that run on company wireless LANs.

Dick Daniels of Capital One: the BlackBerry is an ideal platform for building new business apps, like one he's planning that will let employees access automobile auctions and exchange information with auctioneers.

RIM advantage: RIM has drawn customers by having the whole package: devices, a
wireless push E-mail service, and support for business applications, bundled together with a server that sits behind the company firewall. That makes it much easier than having to cobble together a mobile-device infrastructure from numerous
vendors. (IPBiz: a strength as to some customers, a weakness as to others)

from INFORMATIONWEEK, March 13, 2006


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