Friday, March 17, 2006

Has the Wall Street Journal fallen off the edge of the earth?

First, it was the clumsily written "Patently Absurd" on March 1; now the Wall Street Journal is pushing hydrinos. If this is the innovation that the WSJ wants to free up from the clutches of the Patent Office, let's all move to Korea, where they do get to the bottom of things.

from Bob Park's WN:

With the 17th anniversary of cold fusion approaching, both papers [WSJ and FT] are now running credulous stories about [Randell] Mills and his company, BlackLight Power. BLP, which has never produced anything, is rumored to be preparing an IPO.

On March 14, IPBiz covered the piece in Financial Times [FT]. [To be clear, this post is about the hydrino, and not about cold fusion or bubble fusion.]


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