Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fang Zhouzi of New Threads on science fraud

Fang Zhouzi is a US-trained former biochemist who runs the New Threads website (www.xys.org), exposing scientific plagiarism and bad science.

The scidev.net site notes:

Fang says the emergence of new websites covering science is also part of the problem because they often fail to check the veracity of information they publish.

Hmmm, sounds familiar.


But He Zuoxiu thinks that things are getting worse as Chinese society becomes more materialistic, enabling "masters" of pseudoscience to bribe media outlets and even professional scientists to support their theories. He says the growing commercialism in China has penetrated science, leading some researchers to falsify data or plagiarise others' work in order to gain fame or funding.


In December 2005, New Threads accused Qiu Xiaoqing, a professor of biomedicine at the Chengdu-based Sichuan University, of publishing fraudulent research in the November 2003 issue of Nature Biotechnology.

A Chengdu-based company that invested in the technology Qiu's paper described says the results could not be repeated.

Meanwhile, six of Qui's co-authors have asked Nature Biotechnology to withdraw their names from the paper, stating: "We can not tolerate to be manipulated by the corresponding author, Mr. Xiao-Qing Qiu [nor] remain a part of scientific fabrication."


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