Thursday, March 30, 2006

Book on Woo suk Hwang and the press

The book includes the tidbit: In his book, Lee also reports the behind-the-scenes story that the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea refused to invite Pittsburgh University professor Gerald Schatten, Hwang's top partner, to the First Symposium on Stem Cell Research in Seoul in 2004.

He said the scientists reviewed Schatten's academic credentials and found him lacking. Schatten was finally invited through Hwang's political influence.

IPBiz note: Elsewhere, we had noted that Gerald Schatten is the top recipient of federal government funding on embryonic stem cells (yes, there is such a thing.) If (hypothetically) Schatten's credentials were lacking, who else in the US would have been qualified? Schatten's cip application, published on Feb. 16, also is of interest.


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