Friday, March 17, 2006

ABC's Inventor wins ratings for 18-49 group, but ...

Inventor beat CBS's basketball and NBC's Will&Grace/My Name is Earl on March 16. It didn't give much help to Primetime at 10pm (third) and it's not clear what happens when basketball clears and Will&Grace exits. Whether this illustrates that women don't like basketball or that Inventor is a clever clone of Idol remains to be seen. Do the Idol producers have an infringement or derivation claim?

Two of the four judges on Inventor are advertising execs, who evaluate marketability, rather than invention, sort of a microcosm of the "business school" approach to patent reform. Invention and innovation aren't synonyms, but this is television. If the Harvard Business School can't tell the difference, why should Simon Cowell?

from Diego Vasquez of Media Life:

ABC started the night in the lead with a 4.9 rating among 18-49s at 8 p.m. for the first hour of “Inventor.” CBS was second with a 3.5 for basketball, NBC third with a 3.3 for “Will & Grace” (3.7) and “Four Kings” (2.9) and Fox fourth with a 2.2 for “That ‘70s Show” (2.4) and “The Loop” (2.0). Univision was fifth that hour with a 2.0 for “Contra Viento y Marea,” WB sixth with a 1.1 for a repeat of “Smallville” and UPN seventh with a 1.0 for repeats of “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Love, Inc.”

At 9 p.m. ABC led again with a 5.9 average for its second hour of “Inventor.” CBS and NBC tied for second at 4.4, CBS for basketball and NBC for “My Name is Earl” (4.5) and “The Office” (4.2) with Fox fourth with a 2.4 for “The O.C.” and Univision fifth with a 2.1 for “Alborada.” That left WB sixth with a 1.1 for a “Supernatural” rerun and UPN seventh with a 0.8 for repeats of “Eve” and “Cuts.”

NBC took the lead at 10 p.m. with a 5.8 for “ER.” CBS was second with a 4.0 for basketball, ABC third with a 3.3 for “Primetime” and Univision fourth with a 1.4 for “Aqui y Ahora.”

Among households, ABC led the night with a 7.8 average rating and a 13 share. CBS was second at 7.3/12, NBC third at 7.0/11, Fox fourth at 3.5/6, Univision fifth at 2.2/4, WB sixth at 1.8/3 and UPN seventh at 1.6/3.

Another issue is webcasts -->

from searchnetworking:

For the first time, CBS Sports and the NCAA have teamed up to offer free online broadcasts of the NCAA basketball tournament, commonly known as March Madness.

But the hours of streaming video from dozens of games, which tip-off on Thursday, could cripple the network, effectively turning March Madness into March Mayhem.

In a recent Weblog entry, NetScout's CTO Bruce Kelley Jr. wrote of the impact he foresees March Madness having on corporate networks. He painted a picture of applications fighting for bandwidth against the games.

"Think for a second of what five to 10 basketball addicts watching this at a remote site will do to your T1 or T3 connection," he wrote. "Maybe nothing if you're only sending e-mail from the site, but chances are, your network is running important finance, CRM or customized business apps that probably won't like competing for bandwidth with the opening round games …"

[CBS is offering free coverage online of the early stages of the NCAA basketball tournament, blocking only games shown by a viewer's local affiliate. "geofiltering" "geolocation." Note also Slingbox.]

The Asbury Park Press had noted: There is no doubt that the tournament draws the interest of millions: TV ratings skyrocket and now fans can pick up broadcasts of all the games online. BUT the ratings didn't skyrocket!

If you care, the Press also noted: Getting all 63 games right is a nearly impossible task. A fan would have to fill out 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 brackets to cover every possibility.

HOLLY M. SANDERS of the New York Post had noted: CBS is betting that it will draw more viewers - and ad dollars - by airing much of March Madness over the Internet.
CBS SportsLine will make the first 56 games from this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament available for free on its site rather than charge viewers a subscription fee as it has done for the past three years.

NBC found this out the hard way during its broadcast of the Winter Olympics. While the TV ratings for Turin were down 40 percent from the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, millions of people followed the event on the Internet.

Good thread on internet tv on blogmaverick


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