Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tokyo University can't make case against Kazunari Taira

After a 10-month investigation, Tokyo University announced it could not make a case against Professor Kazunari Taira.

Prof. Kazunari Taira and his assistants have been accused of
falsifying reports that were published in the British journal Nature and other publications on experimental results concerning RNA interference.

According to Tokyo University, Taira's assistants apparently did not
leave any data on the experiments, which is unusual for scientists. Also, few materials used in the experiments had been kept, the university said.

However, the university did not even observe the replicated
experiments it had requested Taira to do. It directly questioned the professor only a few times, and only in writing.

The university has no manual outlining investigation proceedings
concerning suspected irregularities, which is one major reason why its investigation stalled. from Daily Yomiuri, Feb. 8, 2006.

[Note also the report by the University of Pittsburgh on Professor Gerald Schatten.]


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