Saturday, January 28, 2006

What did happen to HR 2795?

Lamar Smith is still talking about patent trolls but isn't explaining what happened to HR 2795, the Patent Reform Act of 2005.

"Rep. Smith is leading the charge to making the biggest changes in the patent industry in the last 50 years," Anthony O. Befi of IBM said. "It's a significant improvement in patent law." In June, 2005, Smith introduced the Patent Reform Act of 2005, which seeks to change patent practices to make it easier to challenge a patent that has been granted. It would also establish "disincentives for questionable patent applications," he said.

"This is looking to protect everyone, from the lone inventors in their garages to IBM," Smith said.

One thing that HR 2795 didn't attempt to fix was the fee diversion of money taken in by the USPTO to general revenue. The lack of resources is the biggest problem confronting the USPTO, and HR 2795 would have added more burdens to the PTO without giving more resources.


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