Monday, January 23, 2006

The benefits of nitrogen (rather than air) in car tires: reprised

Further to a post on IPBiz in October about the "value" of using nitrogen in tires because nitrogen is four times heavier than oxygen, the Trenton Times of January 22, 2006 (page AU7) was also pushing the use of nitrogen in tires.

In the column "Ask the auto doctor" by Junior Damato, the doctor is asked

I would like some information on changing the air in my tires to nitrogen. Would this be worth doing?

and the doctor answers:

Nitrogen in tires has been used for many years in both military, NASCAR, and commerical applications, including airliners. Unlike air, nitrogen will prevent corrosion in side alloy rims and will not leak as fast as air in the tires. All tires will have a small amount of air loss over time. Over the next few years, nitrogen will become more popular.

What can one say?

Among other issues, we have the problem of proof through imprimatur (i.e., it must be right because NASCAR is doing it), just as we have the problem with BlackLight (hydrinos must be right because the USPTO issued a patent) and SCNT (it must be right because Science refereed and published two papers by Hwang Woo Suk). Where's Bob Park when we need him?


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