Sunday, January 01, 2006

Allegations of uncredited duplication in Hwang's 2004 paper in Science

Certain scientists contend a stem cell photo featured in the 2004 Science paper [Science, 2004, 303, 1669] partially overlaps that of an article in another journal Stem Cells that was authored in 2003 by Kim Son-jong, a member of Hwang's team.

Thus, this could be an allegation of plagiarism by Hwang in using, without credit, 2003 work in the 2004 paper, or it could be fraud, if the 2004 photo is alleged to represent something different than in 2003, as in the multiply-used graphs of Jan-Hendrik Schon. It is something that the reviewers of the 2004 paper could have caught.

from Korea Times.


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