Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Univ. of Minnesota licenses fat-reducing bioceutical Lepitrim

The University of Minnesota has licensed rights to Lepitrim to Imagenetix, Inc. of San Diego. Imagenetix, Inc. (IAGX),, develops, formulates, private-labels, and produces nutritional supplements, over-the-counter topical creams, skin care products and pharmaceuticals for inflammatory-related markets.

Lepitrim(TM) is not a drug, but is comprised of natural polysaccharide compounds which have been found in animal studies conducted at the University of Minnesota to lower serum leptin levels and reduce stored body fat with no side effects.

Imagenetix CEO William P. Spencer said: "We are very excited about the results of recent research on the role of leptin in fat utilization and regulation. We believe that Lepitrim(TM) will provide immediate and longer term assistance to the countless number of individuals that have tried and failed to lose body fat using other weight management programs.

"We have therefore begun to initiate comprehensive distribution and marketing strategies for Lepitrim(TM) with our marketing partners and are optimistic the product will carve out a significant market niche for years to come."


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