Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Solicore gets patent for polymer matrix electrolyte in Li battery

Solicore, Inc. announced Nov. 15, 2005 that it has been issued a United States patent for the invention of a battery using a
polymer matrix electrolyte (PME) separator.

Flexion, Solicore's lithium ion battery solution; enables a small, thin, and flexible power source to be embedded into a micro medical device. Having the ability to embed a safe power solution
into new devices such as a drug delivery patch has opened new doors for new applications in treating the human condition.

Solicore's technology enables new features and functions
for smart cards. Also, the radio frequency ID market, or RFID, continues to create new applications for many industries; including time and temperature sensors, access, authentication, patient monitoring and more. Solicore provides a reliable, safe, high performing form factor that opens up new applications by
providing embedded power solutions in a new thin, flexible design. This will allow a host of new applications in semi-active and active RFID tags.

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