Thursday, November 24, 2005

More antigravity...

Mainstream science is controlled by people who want to protect their tenure (at universities and other organizations),” said Boris Volfson, inventor of the antigravity patent, who otherwise makes his living as a mechanical engineer so he can pursue his real passion – physics – on evenings and weekends.

“They said the Wright brothers’ plane would never fly. They said the sound barrier couldn’t be broken until Chuck Yeager did it (in 1947). Mainstream science says gravity can’t be conquered. But I have nothing to lose. The propulsion systems we have now are old and will never take us to the stars.” [Please observe that the Wright Brothers patent application was filed before the date of first powered flight (Dec. 17, 1903); immediately before that date, not many people knew what the Wrights were up to. Later, there were some disbelievers, including the US Army and Scientific American.]

Kevin Leininger continues: Although there is still no working model of Volfson’s “inflationary vacuum spaceship,” the federal government was sufficiently impressed with his science to award a patent Nov. 1. Simply put – not easy to do when the subject is an invention theoretically capable of approaching the speed of light – this is how Volfson’s interplanetary craft would work:


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