Sunday, October 30, 2005

Searching for "patent reform" on Google

The number of hits for +"patent reform" +2795 dropped to 673 on October 30 at about 8:30am.

To review the first few pages-->

First page of hits: (2) (blog entry for June 2005) (2)

Second page of hits:
promotetheprogress (2)(blog) (law firm entry) (2)(law firm entry) (blog) (law firm entry)

Third page of hits: (law firm entry) (2) (blog; entry on continuations)

Fourth page of hits: (blog, July 05 entry) (law firm entry) (law firm entry) (citing NJLJ article) (law firm entry)

The entry for IPBiz on Cleere appears on the 6th page of hits.

There is an entry on page 8 for RIPLA which is a link to a pdf document prepared by the IPO. The only "hit" was for the link, not for a substantive paper. At the link, one finds a three page chart which compares certain features among H.R. 2795 (as introduced on June 8, 2005), the substitute H.R. 2795 presented July 26, 2005, and the industry "redline" (Sept. 1, 2005).

From a question of search strategy, this comparison chart might be a more useful piece of information than most of the hits in the earlier pages of the Google search results.

There was a reference to my "Patent Reform 2005: Sound and Fury" paper on page 16, but a link to the actual paper certainly was not in the first 16 pages. In the first 16 pages, there is a lot more fluff about patent reform than substance.


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